Rapid RFID

Simple. Scalable. Cost Effective RFID.

What started with RFID Middleware has grown into a proven RFID-centric product suite. RAPID RFID can be implemented in a wide range of solutions within most industries, including manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, and field services.

As an organization that relies on the availability of its high-value assets to generate revenue, you understand the importance of asset tracking and effective inventory management better than most. For warehouse managers tired of losing product visibility, RAPID RFID is the software platform for you.

The advantages of RAPID RFID in terms of efficiency are innumerable. For one, RAPID RFID is true RFID middleware. It manages the flow of data between tag readers and enterprise applications, thereby ensuring the usability of the information. Ultimately, RAPID RFID ensures the traceability of products and allows organizations to further improve efficiencies by streamlining the exchange of information.

Reduce Labor Costs

Improve Efficiencies

Track Asset Location

Solve Unique Business Problems


Is RFID On Your Roadmap?


Rapid RFID - RFID Mobile


RFID Mobile

Mobile RFID technology has the potential to redefine almost every industrial sector. Our RAPID RFID Mobile application is an affordable product perfect for capturing basic inventory, parsing GS1 tags into UPC/Serial #s, or validating RFID labels for Walmart Mandates.  Optionally, push the tag reads to the cloud for historical visibility.

Vertical Systems - RFID Implementation


In-Vehicle Inventory

RFID in-vehicle inventory software allows users to quickly scan vehicles, drastically lowering the time spent collecting inventory. Compare expected inventory to actual inventory from a mobile device or automatically trigger re-orders to keep your vehicle fully stocked and ready.

Rapid RFID - RFID - Asset Management-BLUE


Asset Management

Improve accuracy & productivity with RFID technology. RFID enables you to track and manage assets across multiple locations with RFID tags attached to them. Simplify asset management with VSI’s Asset Management Product – keep track of everything from tools to IT equipment – simply tag and read all of your valuable assets.

More than Middleware!

By definition, an RFID Middleware software that resides between RFID interrogators and enterprise software. At a high-level it includes:

Ability to Manage Hardware and Configure Readers

Process Tag Data, Filtering Duplicates and Aggregating the Data

Pass Data to the Back-End Application

RAPID RFID is a fully functional middleware with advanced features that will make it easier than ever to successfully implement RFID solutions.  Some key features that we can discuss further through a software presentation:

  • Business Level Events (item enters/exits)
  • Configurable Read Zones / Locations
  • Directionality Algorithm
  • Reader Health / Alerting / Restarts (Heartbeat)
  • Digital I/O: Photo Eyes, Stack Lights, Conveyors
  • Scalable / Enterprise Ready
  • Multiple Reader Types / Manufacturers (LLRP)
  • IOT Capable