Communication And Transparency Are Keys To Success

At Vertical Systems, we build great products by prioritizing client relationships.

Over the years, we have developed and refined a process designed to deliver a faster return on your technology investment. From start to finish, we’re your full-service partner. Here’s how we provide a targeted approach to strategic technology solutions.


Discovery Call To Understand Your Need

At this stage, we consult, analyze, and find solutions to keep you competitive in your industry. Implementing an RFID solution is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ quick fix. Our discovery process starts with an in-depth assessment of your strategic goals and your operation’s unique requirements.

Do you need to track inventory faster? Or are you looking to track assets more accurately? Understanding your strategic objectives, challenges, and operational pain points is critical to delivering an effective RFID solution.

At Vertical Systems, we believe in full collaboration – the kind that can only be achieved through consistent communication and a transparent process. Simply put, we take the time to understand your needs and what you’re looking to achieve.


RFID Site Assessment

To determine whether a specific RFID project is economically and technically feasible, we conduct an RFID site assessment. This process allows our team to analyze your existing operational environment against industry best practices. We’ll walk through your current processes to make sure the RFID system will work with your products in your environment.  Our RFID experts will conduct a comprehensive review of the product composition, conduct tag analysis, and evaluate RFID read performance through meticulous testing.  
After a site assessment, you can expect a formal report that includes:
  • Summary and scope of the project including product flow
  • Recommended hardware, software, and tags for optimal coverage and accurate readability
  • Installation locations and suggested power settings for readers & antennas

Project Definition

Through a Project Definition engagement, Vertical Systems will meet with your Subject Matter Experts to capture the objectives and business requirements.  We will help separate the must-haves from the nice-to-haves and deliver a comprehensive document capturing both the requirements and a high-level solution design.
Upon completion of the Project Definition, you will have a more comprehensive understanding of the proposed solution, and its impact on workflow, along with a detailed timeline and budget for the software implementation.

Build and Configuration

The software will be configured or built to specifications.  Depending on the product and/or framework, there will be varying levels of complexity during this phase.  It may be as simple as configuring the desired item attributes for Asset Management.  For application development, this phase may require several months of Agile development.  Regardless of your business need, Vertical Systems will deliver a solution with full transparency throughout the process.


Deployment & Support

At the deployment stage, we work with your team to bring the proposed RFID solution to fruition. We’ll integrate the RFID project into your business processes in a way that minimizes the impact on your daily operations.  
Once delivered, we remain engaged as we consider future requests or simply keep your licensed software up-to-date with the latest feature releases.
We’re a full project team that focuses on delivering a complete solution. Our support services are designed to help you reach new levels of productivity.

Is RFID On Your Roadmap?

Sadlers Metal Detection

Project Spotlight:
Sadler's Smokehouse

Sadler’s Smokehouse was looking to improve automation, throughput, and reliability with their product labeling. Additionally, there was a need for automation to reduce personnel required to run lines as well as the overall labeling costs. The delivered software solution was built upon Vertical Systems’ Workflow Automation Framework that would allow for metal detection, weighing, and labeling to be completed and logged onto a centralized database.


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