Rapid RFID

Asset Management

Tracking Assets with RFID has never been easier

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Print Labels With Embedded Tag
Associate to Pre-encoded Tags
Import Existing Tag Asset Info

Read RFID Tags

Inventory Collection with Mobile
Automate Reads through Portals

View Inventory

Search & Filter by Asset Attributes
Quickly Find Assets via Location
Powerful Integration Capabilities

Can RFID improve the efficiency of your asset management procedures? Absolutely.

RFID offers a cost-effective way to track and manage your assets. Imagine the time savings if you could enter a room, walk around, and find all your assets from 10-25 feet away. It’s a reality! RAPID RFID allows you to quickly inventory multiple items at once; no need to scan individual barcodes or tally by hand.

As RFID reads occur, the intuitive interface will continue to update showing the actual inventory vs. the expected inventory for each room. No need to revisit locations, find your assets on the first visit as we show items that “should” be nearby.

If advanced automation is desired, the software also works to update asset locations as they move by RFID antennas or through Read Portals.

IT Assets

Tool Tracking

Rental Assets

Healthcare Assets

Yard Management

10 Benefits of RFID Asset Management

Minimize downtime and maximize profitability.

Greatly simplify the physical inventory process.

Accurate asset counts will reduce unnecessary inventory.

Leverage powerful maintenance, repair, and replacement schedules.

Assign to employees or jobs.

Set the status and condition of assets.

Reporting and analytics to understand usage and needs.

Simplify implementation and integration.

Rapid RFID Asset Management - Screenshot

Rapid RFID
Asset Management

A screenshot of the Rapid RFID Asset Management application showing inventory collection and items read by RFID.  As RFID reads occur, screen will update to show the actual inventory vs. the expected inventory for each room. 


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