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An Android Application to Read and Verify RFID Tags


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Overview of the RAPID RFID Mobile Application

RAPID RFID Mobile is an Android application for capturing, parsing, and exporting tag reads when performing inventory operations. It is also a proven method for counting and verifying GS1 RFID Tags per the Walmart RFID Mandate. This out-of-the-box application allows the entry of a Job or Location Identifier to be tied to each tag read. It can also parse GS1 RFID Tags (SGTIN-96) into the more relevant UPC values and unique Serial Numbers.

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Once you’ve verified the use of our RAPID RFID Mobile Application, it can be purchased by contacting Vertical Systems.  There are discounts when three or more instances are purchased.

Consider our hosted Web Application if you’d like to have all tag reads stored for future lookup, reporting, and exporting.  Great for proving all tag verifications! Contact Vertical Systems Inc. for licensing options.

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How To Install The RAPID RFID Mobile App

  • STEP 1: Complete the request with a valid Email Address
  • STEP 2: Vertical Systems will send a link to download the Installation (APK File)
  • STEP 3: Download the APK file to your mobile device by browsing to the URL from the device
  • STEP 4: Follow the on-screen installation instructions
  • STEP 5: If issues are encountered, it may be necessary to enable the installation of “Unknown Apps”

The full version of the Rapid RFID Mobile Application extends the demo version in the following ways:

  • Demo Version limits to 5 RFID tag reads per location
  • Demo Version limits to 5 file exports of the tag read data

Demo Version Limitations 

Optimized for Zebra Android Devices 

Please use the Contact Us form if you’d like to try another version of the application.  We can work with you to provide application and instructions for Honeywell, TSL, and AsReader mobile devices/RFID sleds.