Rapid RFID

RFID Mobile

RFID Mobile is the simple and effective approach for reading and verifying RFID tags

Read RFID Tags


Inventory Operations


Reading RFID tags could not be simpler than leveraging RAPID RFID Mobile. Our Android application is great for capturing and exporting tag reads when performing inventory operations. It is also a proven method for counting and verifying GS1 RFID Tags per the Walmart RFID Mandate.

This out-of-the-box application allows the entry of a Job or Location Identifier to be tied to each tag read. It can also parse GS1 RFID Tags (SGTIN-96) into the more relevant UPC values and unique Serial Numbers.

While many customers only require the data to be exported to a spreadsheet, Vertical Systems also offers a SaaS model where all tag reads are pushed to a centralized database for advanced reporting and exporting needs.