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The use of RFID continues to increase exponentially, especially within Manufacturing and Distribution.

As manufacturers look for new ways to reduce costs and optimize operations, they are looking for technology that will give them an edge over the competition.  Radio Frequency Identification is a technology that continues to gain momentum in this space as the implementation and tag costs are going down, while successful implementations and use cases are on the rise.  Bottom line, RFID is a popular solution for reducing labor costs and improving product traceability through automated processes.  It’s perfect for eliminating human error while improving data accuracy.

Transform your business with powerful RFID solutions.

Vertical Systems helps American Manufacturers and Distributors compete in the global market by understanding your business needs and delivering powerful software. 

Our core focus is on tracking, automation, mobility, and RFID services that help reduce labor costs and improve asset visibility. When manufacturing enterprises are looking to innovate, grow and leap ahead of their competition, they call on Vertical Systems to make that happen. 

Vertical Systems offers a complete RFID solution – including hardware integration and customized software. We have the experience and expertise to provide you with greater visibility of production processes, automate workflows, and improve product quality while reducing wastage.


"Your business requirements are unique. Whether you have outgrown your current software, your customers want more, or you have a desire to improve efficiencies, Vertical Systems can help. We are ready to become an extension of your organization – your trusted software partner."

Rob Reale Insight Financial Marketing

Greg Heilman

President, Vertical Systems Inc.

Within the 12-page guide, our team helps simplify the complexities of RFID for use in manufacturing and distribution. Here is a sample of what inside this valuable ebook.

  • What is RFID?
  • What is asset tagging?
  • RFID Automation & Read Zones
  • Typical Uses for RFID in Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Barcode vs. RFID

... and more.

What's Inside?

Who is the guide for?

"RFID Simplified" is for all manufacturers and distributors wishing to modernize processes and more effectively track assets.  While IT managers may benefit from the contents, the guide is meant to help facility and operations managers looking for improvements within the following areas:

  • Asset Management
  • Inventory Management (RFID or Barcode)
  • WIP Tracking
  • Warehouse Management Software
  • Conveyor Automation
  • Tool Tracking

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